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Mystical Masks Spree #23 - SpreeHouse: Let your fingers do the Shopping!
Mystical Masks Spree #23
Mystical Masks Spree #23

My Beauty Diary Masks
Sexy Look Masks
Xinji Masks
Dainty Design-Collagen masks
4th Generation Jelly Face & Eye masks
Lovemore Masks
http://community.livejournal.com/spreehousefb/199932.html (150+/0/0-)

My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Masks @ $1.45/pc [limited stock]

My Beauty 2-Step masks @ $1.40/pc

Royal Jelly, Arbutin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid @ $1.25/pc
My Beauty Diary Flower Series @ $1.30/pc (one of the lowest price around) Phalaenopsis and Damask are sold out
愛戀膜法 LOVE MORE MAGIC White Power Lifiting Mask with ear hooks @ $1.45/pc

愛戀膜法 LOVE MORE Lifiting Mask with ear hooks @ $1.30/pc

Sexy Look Face Masks@ $1.30/pc
Sexy Look Face Masks (more detailed info)

Sexy Look Hello Kitty Masks @ $1.40/pc

My Beauty Diary Masks @ $1.25/pc) all masks are manufactured in 2010
Flavours available
Normal series

Aloe Vera
Apple Polyphenol
Bulgarian White Rose
Ice Cooling
Pearl Powder
Red Wine
Sakae Yeast
Black Pearl
Mixed Berry
Cherry Blossom
Strawberry Yogurt
Cherry Chocolate
Bird Nest

About My Beauty Diary Masks (for your info)

心机面膜,新包装!!! My Scheming face masks @ $1.10/pc [New Designs Added]

My Scheming face masks (for your info) New designs added

I Love my 心机面膜@ $1.30/pc

4th Generation Face Masks @ $1.60/pc

GOLD (Arbutin + L-Ascorbic + EGF + GHK-Cu)
Has whitening effects, improves skin pigmentation and lightens dark circles, improves skin elasticity
SILVER (Pearl + Hyaluronic Acid + EGF + GHK-Cu) Effectively moistures the skin and lightens melanin in the skin under the eyes, leaving skin supple and bright
PINK (Red Wine + Grape + EGF + GHK-Cu) Specially suited for skin prone to aging and dehydration, this helps to restore skin vitality, prevents wrinkles
ORANGE (Orange + Lemon + EGF + GHK-Cu) Enhanced with collagen and Vitamin C, helps in skin repair and fine lines, improves skin elasticity
BLUE (Seaweed + Tea Tree Extract + EGF + GHK-Cu Deeply moistures the skin under eyes, helps to relax the skin and prevents wrinkles
GREEN (Aloe + Chamomile + EGF + GHK-Cu)
Aloe helps to moisturise skin and prevents wrinkles, while Chamomile serves to soothe sensitive skin. Helps to eliminate wrinkles and eye bags and keeps the skin under eye area moisturised and fresh

4th Generation Eye Masks @ $0.70/pc

Vitamin C (Orange)
: Enhanced with collagen and Vitamin C, helps in skin repair and fine lines, improves skin elasticity

Arbutin Mask (White)
Uses: For eye bags designed parts dull film, stick with the improvement of the skin gloss.

Moisturizing hyaluronic (Silver)
Uses: to maintain youthful skin delicate and flexible.

Seaweed diversity (Blue)
Uses: To improve the muscle around the eyes by the water retention capacity, to prevent eye fine lines and skin laxity produced, full repair eye.

Aloe Mask (Green)
Uses: Aloe moisture, chamomile, eliminate fine lines, holds the skin moist and cool

Red wine polyphenols (Pink)
Uses: Red wine polyphenols and grape extract itself is antioxidants can improve the appearance of fine lines, thus enabling the skin look more vibrant.

Gem Mask (Gold)
Essence of a variety of fruit extract, EGF, activated gold foil elements to improve the eye, pigmentation, dark circles, keep skin young and elastic detail

Dainty Design Collagen Mask @ $0.80/pc

FaceQ @ $1.30/pc

iSpring Masks @ $0.90/pc

Dainty Design Collagen masks @ $0.80/pc

Spree Dateline: While stocks lasts
Meetups for orders with a minimum purchase of $50/-
Meet-ups at Orchard or City Hall, Saturdays only or Toa Payoh (at my convenience)
Date and Time to be advised when the masks arrive (at my convenience) If you can't meet-up, pls opt for postage (normal/registered)

!!! Terms & Conditions (Important!!)

1. Join only if you are comfortable, trust me and willing to wait for the masks to arrive

2. No payment = No orders. Orders are confimed upon receipt of payment. Orders will be taken in accordance to time of payment

3. Masks are not refundable once order is confirmed upon payment made

4. I will not be responsible for any items which the merchant had shipped wrongly or if the items are damaged during the shipping process

5. I will not be responsible if you get outbreaks or any skin problems after using the masks. Best advice would be to stop using if you find it uncomfortable.

6. All items will be mailed via SingPost to spree-ers

7. I will not be responsible if SingPost misplaces/damages your packages. (I would try my best to pack your masks nicely.) Hence. registered mails are strongly recommended

8. Payment by internet banking and ATM transfers only. Internet bank transfer by POSB/DBS only, no inter-bank transfer please

9. Meet-ups are to my convenience if you can't make it to the first meet-up, otherwise please opt for postage.

10. All masks will be taken out of the boxes and packed into envelops for convenience as default. Please check with me if you want it in boxes

11. Will try to answer all enquiries/posting within 24 hours if possible. Please refrain from enquiring thru' sms/ phone. Any enquiries please direct to mystiquespree@gmail.com

By joining this spree, you're deemed to have accepted and agreed to my terms & conditions. You may direct all questions or orders to my email mystiquespree@gmail.com

Pls make payment to POSB Savings Account 062377720
Please post your order in the following format :

Name / LJ nick:
Email address:
Mail Type: Normal / Registered / Collection (Please include your contact number if opting for meet up) (Please include address for normal & registered mail)
Action if Out of Stock : Change Item / Do not buy (DNB)

LJ Nick: pls use ur LJ nick for bank transfers
Transaction Ref No:
Date & Time:
Bank & Account No:
Amt transferred:

For any enquiries, pls email mystiquespree@gmail.com Pls post your orders in the above format below or email to mystiquespree@gmail.com Pls leave your address / contact number here

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