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SpreeHouse: Let your fingers do the Shopping!

Your friendly one-stop SHOPPING Spree in the HOUSE
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Very Important Rules and Regulations of SpreeHouse!

Updated: 21st January 2009

-Application of new Spree Organizers:
- Send us an application to spreehouse.mods@gmail.com in the following format to be a an official spreehouse's organizer:

Subject: Application for Spree Organizer
Lj nick:
Full name:
I/C number:
Date of birth:
Contactable email:
Contact number:
Bank name and account number: (the one used for spree transactions)
Spree experiences: (you may give us links of your feedback received from organizing sprees or sales from other websites like yahoo or other forums, if you DO NOT have any experiences at all, or if any of your feedbacks are less than +15, pls email a scanned picture of your bank acount statement that has your bank account number as well as your address on it)

*Pls note that feedback links to your own PERSONAL journal will not be considered as these feedbacks can be modified and adjusted by users and they are not set by authorities)

- It is COMPULSORY to be a member of spreehousefb in order to be an official spree organizer of spreehouse

- Once you are approved, you will be able to find your nick in spreehousefb in which you are to link your spree pages to your feedback page and you will receive an approval email informing you of your successful application.

- We go easy on the rules but still, safety and making this community non-fraudulent is our main priority.

General Rules for Spree Organizers:
- Please make sure your font sizes are not unreasonably big or small.

-Only one picture is allowed outside the lj-cut.

-Please state the status of your sprees clearly in the heading: eg. [Open] Cutie Fashion Spree!
please use tags or words like [Closed], [Shipped], [Arrived] etc.
The most important tags are Open and Closed which MUST be stated clearly so that participants will know.

-You can update your spree-ers via your respective spree threads or using emails, whichever the case, pls inform them. please update your spree-ers on a regular basis.

- Please be responsible for:
- Payment calculation (when ordering from websites online, pls provide a printscreen or other documents to proove that you are not collecting extra for shipping or other fees)
- Consolidate orders on time
- Make purchases on time
- Update purchases once ordered (pls update as frequently as possible via email or thru your spree threads)
- Collect spree-ers contacts
- Logistics / distribution of products


- Organizers are allowed to collect a maximum of 50 cents handling charge per participant.

-If spree-ers go missing and uncontactable for one month or more after their items have arrived, please contact us for advice on what to do.

- Comments are NOT to be screened.

- Entries are not to be deleted or edited. If your spree has to be cancelled due to certain circumstances, pls add the word [Cancelled] next to your spree title. For other cases, pls post a new thread.

- Exchange rates will be fixed and will be updated every 2-3 weeks.

-Handling fees should not be more than 50cents per participant.

- The main rules for posting are to keep the threads neat, organized and not to cause confusion to spree-ers when posting up sprees.

- If you feel uncomfortable dealing with a particular spree-er, you have the right not to deal with him/her.

- Feedback count must be updated regularly and posted before lj-cut together with spreehouse feedback (hyperlink).

- Any spree organizers with 10% negative feedbacks out of his/her total feedbacks will be permanently BANNED from this community.

- No linking to your own blog/personal livejournal, from now on, all sprees must be conducted here in Spreehouse.


What kind of sprees are allowed here?

-Online merchants (eg wetseal, forever21, drugstore, amazon etc.)
-HK/Taiwan/Japan/Korea/Australia auctions/websites
-Supplier sprees (it is your responsibilty to make sure that your supplier is a trust worthy one)
- Your own customized DIY items!

Basically, we welcome any kinds of sprees from ANYWHERE!!! :D

**Kindly note that for supplier sprees and selling of your own items, you are required to have at least 10 pieces of the same item, we do not allow sale of a single piece of item)**

- No reposts allowed for all instock sprees, this is to prevent the pages from getting too messy and previously, reposts for instock sprees seems to be never-ending, hence, we will not allow any reposts for instock sprees from now onwards.

(please note that for other preorder/supplier/merchant sprees, reposts are still allowed, and please repost only when your spree post has fallen onto the 2nd page this community)


For Spree-ers
- We warmly welcome all shoppaholics to join sprees here but kindly note that you are joining at your own risk, if you do not feel comfortable with a spree organizer, kindly DO NOT join his/her sprees.

-It is your own responsibility to keep a look out for updates via your emails or the threads here. Once you joined a spree here, we hope you can check back regularly for updates so that it makes things easier for the spree organizers too.

-If you feel that a spree organizer is being irresponsible and not doing her job properly or being very unreasonable, pls do not hesitate to inform us.